This spring I got the privilege to capture the moment of Miss Kennedi Irene Degner’s Tea Party. She had recently had a 3rd birthday. She is a brilliant young lady with a big heart. She was happy to be outside, in a pretty dress with her doll Penelope.

We took her little table to her Grandmothers garden with toys and created a moment where she was comfortable, at play and being a beautiful 3 year old. This moment was filled with her telling me all about her tea set, pouring her tea and even was so proud of the flower she planted for her Grandmother on the center of her table.

It was a colder day so she really blossomed when she got to put her hat and sweeter on. She looks like such a lady, doesn’t she? She even wore pearls! Also can those classes get any cuter? I even got to enjoy Miss Kennedi showing me how her and Penelope played ‘ring around the rosy’.

There were three main things about this photo shoot that you can’t miss. Besides even an outfit change for this loving young lady, we got to see her love for flowers, her Dad and her wonder smile.

This is why Greg and I love taking pictures, its capturing memories for Kennedi and her family. Years from now her proud father will be able to look back and remember this moment when smelling flowers were one of the best things of her day. Thank you T.J and Kennedi for allowing us to capture a beautiful lady, having a tea party for turning 3.

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